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Sierra Leoneans want a share of mining profits, or they want compensation

Mail Guardian South Africa 23 Jul 2021
Sierra Leone’s National Minerals Agency is supposed to supervise the relationship between mining companies and their primary host communities ... In April this year, for example, the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone completed a two-day monitoring exercise on the operations of Koidu Limited, another mining company in Kono district.

CHINA/SIERRA LEONE : Freetown aims to break DRC's grip on China phone sector

Africa Intelligence 14 Jul 2021
China's Pan Africa Rare Metals Mining (SL) obtained a licence for the large-scale extraction of coltan from Timothy Kabba's Ministry of Mines in June. The company's allocated zone is in the Kono district of eastern Sierra Leone, and had been ....

RSLAF Accused of Protecting Illegal Miners

All Africa 13 Jul 2021
A report tabled in Parliament regarding illegal mining activities along the ...

Chinese Trojan Horse at Black Johnson Sierra Leone!

Sierra Express Media 11 Jul 2021
Sierra Leone is a Least Developed Country (LDC) that lacks the muscle to resist the tantrums of Globalization, disguised in the deception of a global village, enjoying equal opportunities ... will destroy the already humbled artisanal fishing communities along the Sierra Leone coast.

Marampa Mines loads first shipment of iron ore for export from Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph 04 Jul 2021
... Sierra Leone. According to a statement from the company, premium grade material will be MML’s first shipment to leave the shores of Freetown Port, following the out of court settlement of the dispute between the Government of Sierra Leone and SL Mining Limited / Gerald Group.

The Status Of Widows

Mmegi Online 29 Jun 2021
In rural Sierra Leone, in an area where there is extensive mining activity, widow are dispossessed Banners. of their farm land by the mining activity ... for the loss of crops or even the effects of mining on their health, despite repeated efforts, on their part, for compensation.

Frances Tiafoe: ‘I want to inspire people - representation is everything’

The Independent 28 Jun 2021
A few days after becoming the youngest boy in history to win the Orange Bowl, one of the most prestigious junior tournaments in tennis, Frances Tiafoe walked back to his family’s apartment in Prince George’s County ... The son of Sierra Leone immigrants, his father, Frances Sr, had worked in a diamond mine before fleeing the civil war to reach the US ... .

How we can reclaim the strength of Sierra Leone?

The Patriotic Vanguard 27 Jun 2021
How we can reclaim the strength of Sierra Leone? ... A friend of mine from Denmark, Jakob Lund, was once swimming with me at the Lakka beach and he asked *“why did anyone choose to set set up a country in cold Scandinavia when there is Sierra Leone?”* When you tour the length and breadth of this country, you see the beauty that lies within.

Re: Fighting Incident at Tonkolili Mine Site

Sierra Express Media 20 Jun 2021
Yesterday’s unfortunate incident at the mine site contravened our Company policy, the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009 and other related laws of Sierra Leone.KMC as a Chinese company totally condemns the behavior of the CRSG employee as portrayed in the video ... laws of Sierra Leone.

Massive illegal Chinese goldmining uncovered in Eastern Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph 20 Jun 2021
Hot on the heels of the corrupt $55m Chinese fishmeal factory deal at Black Johnson in Freetown, Western Sierra Leone, as well as the attempted impalement of a Sierra Leonean worker by a Chinese manager at the Tonkolili mine in Northern Sierra Leone, we have uncovered massive, industrial-scale illegal Chinese goldmines in Eastern Sierra Leone.

Comment on Massive illegal Chinese goldmining uncovered in Eastern Sierra Leone by STARGAZER

Sierra Leone Telegraph 20 Jun 2021
... those people; He is honest, patriotic, intelligent and self assured; There are no words that could aptly describe how indebted I feel to him for such an exceptional and fully informative article that he has objectively written about Illegal Chinese mining in Eastern Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone discovers new deposits of diamond, bauxite, iron ore, gold, rutile and nickel

Sierra Leone Telegraph 27 May 2021
Thankfully, Sierra Leone has been spared the worst and we have stayed engaged with the Sierra Leone Chamber of Mines in the best interests of the sector ... The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources has been authorised to engage very closely with the Sierra Leone Chamber of Mines.

Sierra Leone’s National Minerals Agency launches mineral resources GeoData

Sierra Leone Telegraph 26 May 2021
Sierra Leone Telegraph ... The GeoData maps the vast mineral wealth potential of Sierra Leone ... “With this launch, Your Excellency, Sierra Leone has once again demonstrated, under your leadership, that it is a competitive destination in Africa for investment in the mines and minerals sector,” he noted.

Kingho President promise to optimise Tonkolili iron ore to globally competitive grade

Sierra Leone Telegraph 25 May 2021
Mr Ding made this statement during a community engagement ceremony held in Bumbuna Town, Dasogoia Chiefdom – one of the mining chiefdoms in the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone ... He said “Kingho is not here just to mine what we meet but we are also going to add value to what we mine right here in Sierra Leone.”.